To book your shoot, please contact me first via email to discuss your vision and availability. All bookings are to be made immediately to reserve your session and book out my studio/time. If payment cannot be made right away then 50% deposit can be held if your shoot is more than 3 weeks away. Balance will be due 1 week prior to shoot date. Shoot dates that are within a week or two must be paid immediately. All payments are to be made using Paypal. With your email provided, I will set up an invoice and soon as your invoice is paid, your session will be officially booked. We can then discuss themes/ideas and other photo shoot questions you may have.


If you are scheduled for a modeling portrait session or test shoot please bring a mixed bag of fashionable "well fitted" garments such as tank tops, shorts, skinny jeans, bodycon dresses. Prints and heavy designs are discouraged. Also, pack boots, heels, fashionable "clean" sneakers as well as a nude/black undies and bra set. If you are unsure about styling, once your shoot is booked, I can help assist in putting a custom look together using Pinterest or any other online sites of inspiration.

*Note: Please have your nails manicured prior to your shoot!! Clean, soft tone polish colors are preferred and very professional.


During your shoot you will be seated for hair and makeup (if your package included it) upon your scheduled time. Any client that shows up late will have that time deducted from their session. I will not add extra time since I have other shoots I'm booked for. Your time is your time no more or less. Please respect the studio time you are given. I rent with other photographers and we all have sessions around the clock and must add clean up time so that the next session is able to start freely. After H&M, you will then be on the shooting floor where I will guide you if you need assistance in posing. I am very easy to get along with and I'm always eager to help when possible so please feel relaxed and have fun! Remember to smile with your eyes at all times!


In most circumstances, depending on my work flow and schedule I can have images set up on an online private album for review within 24-48 hours but no later than 1 week. You have 3 days to choose your select images that come with your package for me to retouch. Retouched images may take 1-2 weeks depending on my workflow. Please note, I edit shoots in order of bookings. If I have 2-3 clients ahead of your shoot, I will have to do their edits first before I can edit yours. This is a general idea of time management. In some cases, depending on certain deadlines, I can push a project back if necessary for an additional "rush" fee. I'm huge on exceptional communication and will be communicating with my clients to let them know when their images are on the way. An "estimated" date will be given, please respect that timeframe and do not email if/when images are done. If there are any changes, I will communicate it to you beforehand.

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